in bloom

July 27, 2018

oh hey. it's been a while. you may have noticed that a few things have changed. *cough*, the blog theme and all of my old posts are gone. there's a reason why. i've had this blog for almost 4 long years, and during that time i've been very lucky enough to work with some major brands such as l'oreal and farfetch. however, i don't feel that i resonate with my blog anymore ( or I should say: I don't resonate with the subjects I used to discuss ), and my space here has been heavily influenced by what others were doing around me in the blogsphere. writing comes very easy to me when i want to write, and when i don't, i just don't, which explains why i don't upload frequently.

needless to say, none of this is spoken in a negative manner, but in one that is embracing and accepting the change and growth that is occuring. i just want to create, whatever that may be and be able to share more of what matters. i wanted to keep the theme very simple on here ( throwing it back to some old school courier new typeface, yaknow ), and i feel that at some point i will most likely be changing the URL to something.. cooler. i will be tossing around a few things, experimenting, and possibly turning this lil thing into more of a photo diary.

for now, my posts will be left on 'draft' until further notice, but i hope you enjoy what is to come.

photography by yours truly :-)
 one of my fave things this summer has been capturing the field that i walk through almost every day. how beauts is mama nature tho.

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