May 29, 2018

London knew I was coming home – it blessed me with so many beautiful things like catch ups with friends, delicious sunshine and good good food. I regained a lot of my creativity from being away and wanted to share with you some pics from my week of 14th - 20th May. I've had this blog for numerous years, but have never really posted anything quite as personal. As I write this I'm eating a salted caramel brownie, the rain is pouring outside, I've got some green tea on the go and I'm listening to my spotify playlist. I'm wanting to be a lot more natural with my words and writing, rather than over thinking posts and forcing words. I'm forever reminding myself that if it's not as fun, I probably shouldn't be doing it. Anyways..

  1. Finding old pics on my laptop. This one is from Sept 2017. I tried to create a makeup look and photograph it, but for whatever reason, every time I've done this, the photos usually end up looking quite 'edgy' and don't really focus on the makeup at all. I still like this picture though.
  2. Wearing brightly coloured nail polish, a new trench coat and a beaded rose quartz and jade bracelet gifted to me from my mum. I don't usually wear beaded jewellery but I'm actually obsessed with this bracelet. I've been wearing it non-stop.
  3. I don't even have anything to say about this pic other than YAAAAAAAS. But in all seriousness, I've been trying to eat more whole grains and beans, less bread and carbs. This is because I find a lot of carbs to be so heavy on my stomach and really drain my energy. My diet changed quite dramatically whilst I was away on vacation and coming back to the UK, I'm trying to maintain the same sort of meals I was eating whilst I was away.
  4. Heavily inspired by open airy spaces with mini jungles and lots and lots of light.
  5. My first time ordering from Naturismo. I purchased the Green & Spring Skincare Starter Kit. I've been trying to slowly incorporate skincare into my routine again – but I'll discuss this in further detail, I have an upcoming post on the situation. The kit contains a creamy cleanser, toner, day moisturiser and face scrub, alongside a loofah and reusable makeup bag. Purchase here.
  6. Words by Rupi.
  7. One thing I forgot how much I enjoyed was taking the tube. Trains are my favourite form of transport. For whatever reason this particular journey, I really enjoyed. I usually just put my headphones in, sit back and slide into a daze.
  8. Possibly one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen?? The picture doesn't even do it justice.
  9. My baby succulent sprouting. What a cutie.

Love to hear what you've been up to, leave me a comment!

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