the knock at the door

August 14, 2018

"there was a slow, steady tap, tap, tap at the door. a familiar noise, tap, tap, tap, and again. the hallway was murky, lights dim and fatigue. they lit the way, but you had to squint to see properly. the wallpaper was peeling softly in the corners, patterned with boring victorian florals, possibly a mix of poppies and maybe lavender. the combination was quite.. bewildering in some aspects. i suppose the lavender was for the assistance of sleep, and the poppies for remembrance."

"i stopped at the end of the hallway, gulped, and took a step forward. i realised that the walls were lined with lopsided portraits, of people that had come and gone throughout the years. crooked smiles and buttery plump hands, sweaty, and made you feel a little uneasy after shaking."

"the tap at the door was consistent, and became heavier now, the volume increasing as I made my way toward it. the lights began to flicker, and my own palms began to get sweaty. the rusted brass handle turned with an impatient yet, slow and steady speed. i stopped in my tracks and turned to face my left side, looking up to see an old figure smiling wholeheartedly at me."

"the tapping had stopped, and in the doorway stood an old friend. fear.
he smiled at me, and then the lights had gone out"

photography and creative writing by yours truly.
special thanks to the random guy walking his dog.


August 08, 2018

03/08 marks the date of my birth, and this year i hit the milestone of turning twenty-one. 

here's to welcoming the years of old age to come lmao.

picture is of some gorgeous flowers my cousin gifted me.
i also still have a lot of cake left in my fridge to eat.  

you don't need to turn me away

August 01, 2018

a few songs i've been into recently, especially kid bloom. i've been listening to a lot of chill instrumental playlists, and i've rediscovered fleet foxes, and like, it all gives me such road trip vibes. 
road trip anyone?

in bloom

July 27, 2018

oh hey. it's been a while. you may have noticed that a few things have changed. *cough*, the blog theme and all of my old posts are gone. there's a reason why. i've had this blog for almost 4 long years, and during that time i've been very lucky enough to work with some major brands such as l'oreal and farfetch. however, i don't feel that i resonate with my blog anymore ( or I should say: I don't resonate with the subjects I used to discuss ), and my space here has been heavily influenced by what others were doing around me in the blogsphere. writing comes very easy to me when i want to write, and when i don't, i just don't, which explains why i don't upload frequently.

needless to say, none of this is spoken in a negative manner, but in one that is embracing and accepting the change and growth that is occuring. i just want to create, whatever that may be and be able to share more of what matters. i wanted to keep the theme very simple on here ( throwing it back to some old school courier new typeface, yaknow ), and i feel that at some point i will most likely be changing the URL to something.. cooler. i will be tossing around a few things, experimenting, and possibly turning this lil thing into more of a photo diary.

for now, my posts will be left on 'draft' until further notice, but i hope you enjoy what is to come.

photography by yours truly :-)
 one of my fave things this summer has been capturing the field that i walk through almost every day. how beauts is mama nature tho.