August 06, 2015

When I started this blog I was debating whether or not I would entirely base my webpage around Interior Design. As soon as I step into a homeware store or the interior section of a shop, I'm sent into a blissful frenzy. I become truly lost within the patterns, colours, fabrics, and textures. My admiration for colour schemes and home styling has very much grown, and that is why I have decided to take a hobby just a little bit further.

It's shocking to find that there are still many of us in this world that do not have homes, and a place to call their own. Purchasing items for your humble abode is such a luxury, and decorating your property is an amazing journey; where you are able to manifest a space which can be dramatically altered to reflect your personality, your dreams, your wishes, likes and dislikes etc.

Not only do I want to emphasize my enthusiasm, but also provide those of you with a clear mind set of remembering those who are less unfortunate, and most importantly producing the best sources of inspiration and inventiveness based entirely around Interior Design and the home. Therefore, Arabella Interior was born!

What is Arabella Interior? As I stated above I want to produce and find the best inspiration I possibly can and use social media as my platform. Arabella Interior is entirely Instagram and Tumblr based, I plan to post three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I aim to celebrate this inspiration through pictures rather than words or large descriptions, so it's simply easier for you to use these images to the best of your abilities, visualize and take what you need from these sources. If you have any enquiries or questions you can contact Arabella Interior using the hashtag #arabellainterior on instagram and tumblr in a post either with a question, comment or a picture. You can also use the email address arabellainterior@gmail.com for further or longer enquiries.

I also want to highlight that this is merely a just a hobby ( it may turn into something so much larger, who knows?! ) and a fun little side project that I wanted to create and have running in the background, aside from my blog and a few other things I have in store for the future . You can check out Arabella Interior using the links provided down below, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


  1. sometimes a passionate hobby can turn into a wonderful career so best wishes to you! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. That's very true! Thank you very much for your kind words Carmen♡♡

  2. My boyfriend and I are currently saving for our first home. It's tough, we've been renting for 6 years and living in London had very little spare money for a long time. Looking at home inspiration is one of my destress activities!


    1. I hope you and your boyfriend find what you're looking for very very soon! I also hope Arabella Interior gives you tons and tons of inspiration too. Thanks for the comment♡


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